Graduate Program

The Department of Economics at Washington University has a strong reputation for preparing high-quality PhD students for academic positions as well as for private- and public-sector jobs. We are seeking qualified students from any field who possess strong analytical abilities in mathematics and statistics and who are willing to complete a challenging Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Economics. At this time, we do not offer a terminal Master of Arts (AM) in our program.

The department offers students financial support while they remain in good academic standing.

Departmental Support & Services

Job Market & Placement

The department places great importance on helping students obtain professional positions. Faculty and staff, in particular, the Placement Director and a student's Research Advisory Committee, work together with students to ensure job placement.

Job Market

Job Market Packet

For convenience in recruiting, we have created a summary packet of our Ph.D. candidates who are on the job market this year.

Job Market Packet

Financial Support

Graduate students are of good academic standing are fully funded through five years of study. Additional university-wide fellowships are available.

graduate funding

Econ 508: Math Camp

Econ 508A is a three-week course on essential mathematical tools for a first-year graduate student in Economics, Political Science, or some of the Business disciplines.

Econ 508

English Language Program

If English is not your first language, remedial programs in written and spoken English may be very important for your success in the PhD program. Learn about support for and responsibilities of students whose native language is not English.

english language program

Special Interdisciplinary Programs

Washington University encourages interdisciplinary research and teaching. For some time, the Department of Economics has supported these efforts by offering the possibility to qualify for a joint degree in Economics and Systems Science or acquire a PhD in Economics concurrently with a degree in Law.

To be eligible for such an interdisciplinary program, applicants are expected to have particularly strong credentials in economics as well as in the other discipline. For instance, to be admitted to the Joint Doctoral Degree Program in Economics and Systems Science applicants need a particularly strong mathematical training. In addition, undergraduate intermediate theory courses in micro- and macroeconomics (equivalent of Econ 4011-4021) are prerequisites for the program.

An applicant interested in obtaining a joint degree or dual degree should contact the Director of Admissions or if that person is unavailable, the Director of Graduate Studies before a formal application is made. An assessment of the feasibility of the applicant's plans will be made. Often a joint or dual degree is not necessary. Students may be more successful if they take classes or a field in another discipline. In addition, a graduate student may get a dissertation adviser from other parts of the university to combine the best of several disciplines into a student's work.

Note that, for a joint or dual degree, a successful applicant will have to be admitted into two graduate programs at Washington University.

Graduate Student Association of Economics

The Economics Department’s Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a non-profit, student-run organization established for the benefit of all economics graduate students in the Department of Economics at Washington University in St. Louis. The GSA promotes scholarship, develops a spirit of cooperation and fellowship among economics graduate students, and fosters interaction between graduate students and faculty.

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