Seigle Hall

Evan Sadler (Columbia University)
Seigle Hall Room 304 @ 4:00 pm
William R. Emmons (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
Seigle Hall Room 348 @ 12:00 pm
Elie Tamer (Harvard University)
Seigle Hall 170, Weidenbaum Ctr. Gast Conf. Room @ 2:00 pm

Publications and Media

"How Tariffs and Corruption Can Ruin a Growing Economy" - A Washington Post Article by Andrew Van Vam on "Institutional Barriers and World Income Disparities" by Ping Wang, Tsz-Nga Wong, and Chong K. Yip (2018)

"Computerising Industries and Routinising Jobs: Explaining Trends in Aggregate Productivity" VOX, CEPR Policy Portal by Yongseok Shin

"Frog Love, Economics, and the Decoy Effect" - Interview with Paulo Natenzon by Claire Gauen in The Ampersand

"Three Questions with Limor Golan" - Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group

"The Effect of Changes in Risk Attitude on Strategic Behavior" - Econometrica by Jonathan Weinstein

"Fading College Dreams Saps U.S. Economy of Productivity Miracle" - Bloomberg article quoting Yongseok Shin

Nash Equilibrium" - American Mathematical Society Journal by John Nachbar and Jonathan Weinstein