Undergraduate Honors & Prizes

Graduating with Honors: Latin Honors and "English" Honors

There are three types of academic recognition that an Arts & Sciences student may receive upon graduation:  College Honors, Latin Honors and/or “English” honors.  Below is a brief description of these designations:

College Honors

This designation is noted on a student’s transcript (in the “Milestones” section) and is automatically awarded to all Arts & Sciences students who graduate with an 8th-semester, overall GPA of 3.60 or higher and who have not participated in a department’s Latin Honors program.  In other words, it is not possible for a student to receive both the “College Honors” designation and (a level of) Latin Honors. 

Latin Honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude)

In the Economics Department, students can participate in one of two tracks of the Latin Honors Program. Further information about these two tracks appears here.

“English” Honors

This is awarded at the department’s discretion as an acknowledgment of exemplary work in the major.  This notation will appear on the transcript, but not the diploma.   There are three categories of English Honors:  Distinction in Economics, High Distinction in Economics, Highest Distinction in Economics.  It is possible for a student to receive combinations of College-English or Latin-English honors. Click here for a graphic that illustrates these three types of academic recognition.

Economics (second) majors who're "prime" in the other undergraduate colleges (e.g., Business; Engineering; Art & Architecture) may earn "Distinction in Economics," one of the "English" Honors designations noted above.  Non-Arts & Sciences majors are encouraged to contact their “prime” College for further information regarding their college-specific types of academic recognition.

Edward Greenberg Book Prize


Awarded annually for outstanding success in the principles (Econ 1011, 1021) classes. Established through the generous gifts of his students, colleagues, friends, and family. 

In honor of Edward Greenberg
Member of the Faculty: 1963-2005
Department Chair: 1969-1972


2017 - Kristine Xu

2016 - Matthew (Matt) Ehren

2015 - Grant Vaska

2014 - Eli Offenkrantz

2013 - Jonas Jin

2012 - David (Sam) Gorsche

2011 - Kevin Pearlman

2010 - Cara Nickolaus

2009 - Jordan Kass

2008 - Ran Tao

2007 - Julie Hagerstrand

2006 - Dylan Mathieu

NISA Scholars in Arts & Sciences - Economics


NISA Investment Advisors, LLC is an independent investment manager for some of the world's largest institutional investors.  The company was co-founded by Jess B. Yawitz, Ph.D., who earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Department of Economics at Washington University.  Through a generous donation from NISA, two juniors are nominated by the Economics faculty to receive a monetary prize designed to help with career-search-related expenses.


2018 - 

2017 -  Emily Ericksen;  (Justin) Cody Wong

2016 - Nicole DeRosa;  Jacob Solawetz

2015 - Christopher Gibson;  (David) Sam Gorsche

2014 - Kelsey Neal;  Victor Varon

2013 - Christopher Bechler;  Katherine Dobscha