PhD Admissions FAQ

Application Status

How can I check the status of my application?

You can login to the admissions website to see whether your materials have been received. We begin to check-in material in mid-December.

What are my chances of being accepted?

Admission to the PhD program in Economics at Washington in St. Louis is a competitive process, and your chances of being admitted will differ from year to year depending on the strength of the applicant pool. It is impossible for us to prescreen candidates, the only way to know your chances of being accepted to our program is to apply.

Before Applying

Can I send you my transcripts/background to see if I am a good candidate for your program?

No. The only way to know your chances is to apply. We WILL NOT prescreen candidates.

Application Materials

Do I need to submit an official transcript?

No. We require a scan of your transcript to be uploaded to our admissions site. If an offer is made, we will then ask you to provide the official transcripts.  

Can I get a TOEFL waiver?

If you have received a graduate or undergraduate degree from a US institution, the TOEFL requirement is waived. You do not need to send a special request. The exception does not apply to other English speaking countries.

I will graduate from my current program in May of next year. Do I still have to submit a TOEFL?

As long as your degree is conferred before the beginning of our program, you are waived from providing the TOEFL exam.

How can I change/update a recommender?

Please email Carissa Re at with the information that you would like to change. No phone calls, please.  

May I submit an IELTS?

Yes, you must have your scores mailed to the department.  

I’m still working on finishing my coursework. Can I update my application when new grades are given?

Yes, you may update your application at any time simply by logging into the admissions system.  

What are the WashU codes for GRE and TOEFL?

GRE - 6929, TOEFL - 6929

I have a new GRE score being released after the deadline. Can I use the new score?

We begin reviewing applications January 16th.  You are welcome to update your application and scores at any point but we will review what we have on file, it's important to have your application complete by the deadline.  


Should I apply for the Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship or the Spencer T. & Ann W. Olin Fellowship for Women in Graduate Study if I qualify?

Yes.  Applying for the fellowships does not impact admission decision, but provides an additional source of funding.

Can I be considered for a fellowship?

Washington University encourages and gives full consideration to all applicants for admission, financial aid, and employment. The university also offers competitive fellowships.