Introduction to Stata


This short course introduces students to the data analysis and statistical software tools used in upper-level econometrics and applied economics courses. The course is designed to serve as a bridge between introductory econometrics and practical work with real-world databases. The course will be held in the computer classroom so that students can obtain hands-on experience with data preparation, workflow, and modeling using the Stata statistical software package. Emphasis throughout the course is placed on examples of applications in economics. PLEASE NOTE: 1. This course must be taken for a letter grade; the P/F and audit grade options are not available. 2. Students cannot use WebStac to add or drop this course after the first session -- contact for scheduling issues. 3. The final exam will occur on the last day of class, per the course syllabus. Prerequisites: prior completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, Econ 413.
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Introduction to Stata
INSTRUCTOR: Hernandez Calderon
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