Frequently Asked Questions

Background for Admissions

Do I need a background in Economics or Social Sciences to apply?

Although a background in Economics would be useful, the program is designed to accommodate students of all backgrounds.


What are the mathematics and statistics prerequisites?

Students are expected to be familiar with basic calculus, linear algebra, and probability and statistics. Students who do not have a sufficient background in mathematics and statistics can still apply to the program but may have to adjust their coursework to fulfill formal requirements.
For examples of formal course prerequisites, you can look at the course descriptions of Math 132 (Calc II), Math 2200 (Probability and Statistics), and Econ 493. Students in the AM program can take Econ 493 in their first semester of residence.


I have some relevant coursework that, could it count against required courses?

Incoming students are allowed to transfer up to 6 credits of previous graduate or qualifying undergraduate work.

Financial Support

Do students receive financial support?

Financial support is extremely limited. Typically, master students do not receive financial support.  

If your question was not answered or have additional questions, please contact Shauna McCann.