Economic Analysis with Excel


This mini course offers students the opportunity to master the advance functionality of Microsoft Excel, and to apply those skills to common economic, statistical, and financial problems. Even those familiar with the basic functioning of Excel may be surprised to learn how little of its full capability most users access. Though basic functions will be covered, our focus will be on leveraging Excel's more advanced functions, analytical tools, reporting templates, and linking features to manage multiple workbooks, manipulate data across files, automate tasks, and produce publication quality charts, tables, and graphs. In addition to providing hands-on experience using Excel's advanced capabilities, the course is designed to serve as a bridge between introductory econometrics and practical work with real-world datasets. The course will be held in the computer classroom so that students can obtain practical experience preparing data, managing workflow, and presenting results. Added emphasis throughout the course will be placed on examples with applications in economics. Prerequisites: prior completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, Econ 413 (or equivalent).
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Economic Analysis with Excel
INSTRUCTOR: Hernandez Calderon
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