Professor Paulo Natenzon

Professors Sanders & Natenzon

Professor Rogers, Ph.D - Juan Block and Professor Levine

The Economics Department Business Office was named the Somers Family Economics Suite

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The Department in the Media

"Human Capital and the Wealth of Nations" - Rodolfo Manuelli & Ananth Seshadri

Michele Boldrin and David Levine discuss patents on NPR Planet Money. July 9, 2014

"An Elusive Jackpot" - New York Times article featuring George Levi-Gayle

"Random Choice as Behavioral Optimization - Econometrica" by Gul, Faruk, Paulo Natenzon, and Wolfgang Pesendorfer

"Rational Attention and Adaptive Coding: A Puzzle and a Solution- AEA" by Camillo Padoa-Schioppa & Aldo Rustichini

"Priority, solidarity and egalitarianism" - featuring graduate student, Inkee Jang.

"The Middle Class Is Steadily Eroding. Just Ask the Business World" - featuring Steve Fazzari and Barry Cynamon with the Fed Reserve Bank of St. Louis and a former WU undergraduate.  


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